Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dining Room Light Update and Some Inspiration

I upgraded the boob light in my dining room with this amazingly, affordable Tom Dixon knockoff:
Dining Room Light Upgrade

Dining Room Easy Affordable Light Update

An Awesome score on Ebay for $60 and free shipping.   YES,  that is what all of the windows look like in the house.  They all came with vinyl mini blinds.  I have only replaced the bedroom window treatments.  Sadly, my walls are still builder grade, antique white, but not for long!

I have a vision for my dining room and that light is just the beginning!  I love a lil sumthin, sumthin in each one of these from my pinterest board:

those chairs, already have light fixture
Love the chairs in this one,

From beat pendants, to mid-century modern chairs, to artwork and flooring... this space is stunning | VoK Design Group~already have the light fixture
and the chairs and feel of this one, and that kitchen!

mid century modern dining room
I love the funky, Mid Century feel of this one.

What inspires you?  Have you upgraded any lights lately?

Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Upgrade Your Curtains in 15 minutes or Less

Here is a cheap and easy update for your curtains.

I started with white, Ikea Vivan curtain panels, Hugad rod, Betydlig brackets and the plain black finials.  It looked like this:
Cheap Fast Update for Ikea Vivan Curtain Panels Before

Definitely leaving something to be desired, besides finishing painting the wall. Looks pretty white trashy, actually.  
Easy DIY Curtain Update

The closest Ikea is over 100 miles away or at least a 2 hour drive, so I have to order everything online.  I ordered the Syrlig curtain rings and clips and picked up some Mainstays curtain hooks at WalMart.

Use in Affordable Update for Curtains

Gray and Orange Nursery Glidden Polished Pewter Wall Color

I used the Syrlig rings and clips in the nursery(in case she ever tried to pull on the curtains they would just slip out of the clips)and the Vivan panels and I love how it turned out.  I hang my curtains high and wide, at least ten inches out from the frame and as close to the ceiling as I can get.  The cordless bamboo roman blinds on both windows are from JCPenney. 

Then, it looked like this for a little bit:
Ikea Vivan Panels and Benjamin Moore Dark Teal Wall Color

My cats insist that I can't have anything nice.  Gotta love pets.

So after attaching the curtain hooks and curtain rings(and finishing painting the wall) my window looks like this:
White Ikea Vivan hung with rings cordless bamboo roman shade Benjamin Moore Dark Teal wall color

Pretty schnazzy, huh?  Looks much more professional!  Have you done any window treatment updates lately? Do you have cats that trash everything in their path?

And because everyone loves a before and after:
White curtains with bamboo roman blind/shade

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Love Spring...Because I Can Get Outside and Strip and Paint

Get your head out of the gutter. Geez. Perverts.  I mean strip paint off of furniture, of course.  I don't actually go outside and get naked and paint.  Can you imagine what the neighbors would think?  They already have ideas about me.

Here are a few things that I have painted.  I can not get enough of flat white and Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.  Not together in the same piece...yet.
Flat White and Looking Glass Spray Paint used in Easy DIY Updates

As far as the Looking Glass Spray Paint goes, I have found that the smoother and shinier the surface is to begin with(the skull planter above), the more mirror-like finish you can achieve.  If it is a duller finish, you will just get a semi-sparkly,  gray color. Here is a dog that I primed black before I used it:
Dog Primed Black and Painted with Looking Glass Spray Paint

Looks kind of like pewter.  Right?

What are you looking forward to doing, now that it's spring? Anything you have been waiting all winter to do?  Anything your dying to paint or strip?

 Oooh... I've already seen a few garage sales!!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Another builder basic light GONE!!

I started with this:
Replacing a Basic Light Above Sink in Kitchen

Above my kitchen sink....(ok ok...that is actually the one in my hallway...I hope to get better at taking before pictures).  I realize it isn't a boob light, but it's still pretty ...well....nondescript.

And now I have this:
Replacement Over Sink Light. Ikea Ottava

Ahhhhh...so much better...You are looking at the Ikea Ottava pendant light...the copper cake molds are thrifted.  How good would they look against a dark charcoal gray wall? Something like Sherwin Williams Iron Ore? SO GOOD!  Like the wall color in this Vintage Revivals $150 Guest Room Makeover.
Gray Wall
Vintage Revivals
I am going to raise my cabinets to the ceiling ala Domestic Imperfection.  One thing at a time I suppose.

Have you replaced any light fixtures lately? Taken any trips to Ikea? Is Ikea really far away from you, too, so you have to order things on Ebay, like me, that Ikea doesn't make available online?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Madison in Bunny Ears at Target. Happy Easter
Just a quick post to say Happy Easter.

I'll be having a big Ham dinner with my family and maybe finishing up a few more projects, if weather permits.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Would You Do?

Mid Century Cabinet with Glass Sliding Doors As Is
 I found this specimen of perfection at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop last  weekend for $25($24.98 to be exact), and I can't decide what to do with it.
Mid Century Cabinet with Glass Sliding Doors Legs As Is
I am usually deathly opposed to painting mid-century furniture, but this is just laminate that is scuffed up, chipped off, and bubbled up in places.

Right now it sits at the end of my hallway(which is going to get an amazing makeover of it's own. So Excited!). 

I'm thinking of painting the body one color(white?) and the back of the inside a fun pop of color(Purple?) or pattern.  

So, what would you do?  Are there any thrift scores you can't decide what to do with?

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Little Background

OR…How I went from a crummy apartment and doing dishes in my bathtub to living in a brand new house with an interest free mortgage.
I was chosen/qualified for a Habitat 4 Humanity house, and couldn’t have been happier.  Seriously Blessed! The build process was fast.  Only about 3 months.  From October 10th to December 29th, 2009, to be exact.
Here is a little visual of how quickly the build process went:
Habitat 4 Humanity House Construction Progress Collage

Please excuse the crappy phone pics. Literally, it was FAST, like how-quickly-I-would-scoop-up-a-Mid-Century-Modern-Credenza-at-the-ReStore fast.  Everyday so much got accomplished …and it was mostly in winter(we had to scrape ice off the foundation on the first day) and over holidays.  Zip.ZOOM.BAM. Done.
Now I live here with my boyfriend and our new daughter and am slowly personalizing the very basic fixtures built into the house(read: changing every boob light asap).
Now I am not complaining, this is a very nice house, built with decent materials(that is their mission, "...offers qualified families the opportunity to buy a simple and decent home affordably.), but it’s just not… me.   If you follow me on Pinterest then you see what I mean.  The finishes are very beige and traditional, and while I like modern-traditional, I am in love with Mid Century Modern and a very eclectic, traveled style.  I like things unique, a little quirky or whimsical and neutrals with pops of bright colors.  I love Emily Henderson and Mandi Gubler@Vintage Revivals.
I’ll go more into the application process and the build process and the 300 sweat equity hours you have to complete(I became very familiar with the ReStore, even hung some of the siding and did all the painting in my house) in future posts. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's start with a rant...whose with me?

What happened to manners?

Perhaps I was raised old fashioned, but I was taught to say “Please” if I wanted something, “Thank you” if I ever wanted anything again, and “Excuse Me” if I needed to get by someone or, heaven forbid, burped(or you know..) in public.  In the past 2 days I have been slammed into and brushed up against numerous times without a single acknowledgment from the offender.  These were not young punk kids either.  These were middle age and older women.  How would they like to be treated this way?  It’s a matter of respect and common courtesy.  What happened? I for one will not be raising my child to be a rude, shoving, brushing up against you while I squeeze by you, slamming into you and acting like it’s your fault, all around inconsiderate and disrespectful person.  I, myself, will continue to say excuse me, please and thank you, because it’s the right thing to do, it’s how I want to be treated, and it’s how I was raised.
Have you experienced any of this rampant rudeness lately?