Friday, April 18, 2014

A Little Background

OR…How I went from a crummy apartment and doing dishes in my bathtub to living in a brand new house with an interest free mortgage.
I was chosen/qualified for a Habitat 4 Humanity house, and couldn’t have been happier.  Seriously Blessed! The build process was fast.  Only about 3 months.  From October 10th to December 29th, 2009, to be exact.
Here is a little visual of how quickly the build process went:
Habitat 4 Humanity House Construction Progress Collage

Please excuse the crappy phone pics. Literally, it was FAST, like how-quickly-I-would-scoop-up-a-Mid-Century-Modern-Credenza-at-the-ReStore fast.  Everyday so much got accomplished …and it was mostly in winter(we had to scrape ice off the foundation on the first day) and over holidays.  Zip.ZOOM.BAM. Done.
Now I live here with my boyfriend and our new daughter and am slowly personalizing the very basic fixtures built into the house(read: changing every boob light asap).
Now I am not complaining, this is a very nice house, built with decent materials(that is their mission, "...offers qualified families the opportunity to buy a simple and decent home affordably.), but it’s just not… me.   If you follow me on Pinterest then you see what I mean.  The finishes are very beige and traditional, and while I like modern-traditional, I am in love with Mid Century Modern and a very eclectic, traveled style.  I like things unique, a little quirky or whimsical and neutrals with pops of bright colors.  I love Emily Henderson and Mandi Gubler@Vintage Revivals.
I’ll go more into the application process and the build process and the 300 sweat equity hours you have to complete(I became very familiar with the ReStore, even hung some of the siding and did all the painting in my house) in future posts. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.
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