Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dining Room Light Update and Some Inspiration

I upgraded the boob light in my dining room with this amazingly, affordable Tom Dixon knockoff:
Dining Room Light Upgrade

Dining Room Easy Affordable Light Update

An Awesome score on Ebay for $60 and free shipping.   YES,  that is what all of the windows look like in the house.  They all came with vinyl mini blinds.  I have only replaced the bedroom window treatments.  Sadly, my walls are still builder grade, antique white, but not for long!

I have a vision for my dining room and that light is just the beginning!  I love a lil sumthin, sumthin in each one of these from my pinterest board:

those chairs, already have light fixture
Love the chairs in this one,

From beat pendants, to mid-century modern chairs, to artwork and flooring... this space is stunning | VoK Design Group~already have the light fixture
and the chairs and feel of this one, and that kitchen!

mid century modern dining room
I love the funky, Mid Century feel of this one.

What inspires you?  Have you upgraded any lights lately?

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