Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Hang Anything

How to Hang Anything

I am sure we have all had to hang awkwardly shaped objects, with the holes on the back to hang it by, in weird places.
Here is how I hang these things without making my walls look like Swiss cheese.   I'm sure some of you have seen a similar method used to hang gallery walls, like here on A Beautiful Mess.

First, I trace the shape of the object onto paper(I used packing paper that came with something I ordered online), you could use notebook paper, computer paper, newspaper or even a cereal box.

Black Gold Zebra Wall Plaque on Paper

Zebra Shape Traced on Paper

Then you'll cut the shape out and line it up with the back of the object and mark where the holes are.

Matching Up Pattern with holes on back of plaque and Frogtape

I used frog tape on the back, (because I just painted my wall)but you could use masking tape or any kind of painters tape or even scotch tape.  You can try it in any position.  Move it around until it's perfectly where you like.  You could even leave them up and live with them for a night to make sure you like it. 

collage on wall of zebra patterns

Then get your hanging hardware and install it into the wall where you have marked on the pattern(I should have used cardboard...those legs flopped all over and were a pain...ugh).  After that you can rip down your paper patterns and hang the artwork.  Easy Peazey.

Black Gold Zebra Wall Plaque hung on wall Benjamin Moore Dark Teal

If you are hanging a HEAVY picture, mirror or shelf use Linda's tutorial at Calling It Home.

What do ya think? Do you have any tips on hanging difficult objects?  Special, secret tricks?  Share them in the comments!

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