Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick Office Update

This is an easy way to add color to your office or just get rid of that honey oak that was oh so popular a decade or two ago

So, like most of my projects this one starts with something I was given for free and has been sitting around for awhile waiting for inspiration to strike.

I would like you to meet my boring office chair:

Office Chair Before

I actually like the black and white chevron/herringbone fabric but that base is so terrible.  I hate that it matches my kitchen cabinets!  The chair is a much easier fix than my cabinets, however, and it needed an update NOW!

Enter my inspiration. Spray Paint! Of course!

Krylon Fluorescent Pink Spray Paint

I started by sanding the glossy finish off.  I began with 60 grit and finished with 150.  Learn from my mistake and sand before you tape off and wrap the wheels with newspaper.  The sandpaper will shred the newspaper and you will end up needing to tape over all of the places the newspaper isn't covering anymore.  Or not, and then you can use nail polish remover to wipe the over spray off of the wheels, like I did.  Your choice really.  Make sure and wipe all of the sanding dust off before you paint.  

After the entire can of  paint I had this:

Upcycled Office Chair with Pink Painted Base

Say it with me:  FAIL!  I was shooting for 60's mod and I think I hit 80's Neon!  Hard!  Granted, I could have been safe and painted it black and it would have just blended in.  I wanted the feel of a pop of bright pink against charcoal gray:-(  Not even close.  Boo.

Let's look at it side by side:

Office Chair Before and After

It's an Improvement.  For sure.

Ok maybe the Auto Adjust in PicMonkey is making it look so neon?  Ya, maybe that's it.  Here it is with and without Auto Adjust:

Auto Adjust vs No Auto Adjust

Nope.  It's a FAIL.

In hindsight, I should have used primer(another "learn from my mistake" tip.  Use primer.  I like Zinsser Odorless Primer-Sealer Stain Blocker in the spray can.  Of course).   Maybe the color would have looked richer and it wouldn't have taken the whole can, or maybe I should have used this color:

Rustoleum Lagoon Satin Spray Paint

Like my gut told me to.  I'm dying to use this on something.  Owell.  Not every at bat can be a home run, right?

Looks like I'll be repainting soon, or maybe it will grow on me.  I'm trying to talk myself into liking it, but I think I just don't want to re-tape it all off and take it back apart.  The pink does make me happy....Hmmm...  It was a good idea, and it will be great...another color.  What did I expect from Fluorescent Pink?  Did you know it will actually glow in the black light?  Not that I've says it on the can.

Whatever color I choose, it will get a few coats of water based poly to protect it.  I like to rest my feet on the spokes(?).  Water based because oil based is a pain to clean up and tends to yellow over time.  I'm not a fan of yellowing.

Oooh or I could give it a color dipped effect by not taping off the wheels and painting a little ways up the stem.  That could be really cool and would definitely bring it into this century.  Or....maybe I'm just trying to get out of taping it off.  Hmmm...I'll keep ya posted

Have you had any great ideas that didn't quite work out how you pictured?  Any you just weren't sure about, but grew on you?  Any absolute FAILS?  Any brilliant, simple chair updates?  Do you like the pink?  I think I might. 

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