Friday, May 30, 2014

3 Birds 1 Stone

This project covers 3 bases.  It fulfills 2 of the latest trends.  The succulents we see everywhere and the color dip/block effect everyone is doing these days, plus I can enter it in the Vintage Revivals Rock What Ya Got link party, because I did, in fact, rock what I had.

I went to Wal-Mart the other day and grabbed some cactus' and succulents, but a certain little girl was acting up so I couldn't stay and grab cactus and succulent soil and look at the planters so I had to come up with other substitutions when I got home.

Cactus and Succulents in Upcycled Color Dipped Planters

I had the two pedestal dishes from a garage sale.  I got a whole box of milk-glass-looking dishes for like $3.  The longer planter was bought at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.  I used rocks from my gravel driveway to provide drainage under the soil.  I used Miracle Grow potting soil that the BF bought a few weeks ago mixed with sand from the gravel alley behind my house.

The blue(Rustoleum Lagoon) color dipped pedestal planter ended up with a cool water color effect because I didn't rub the painters tape edge down and held it upside down to paint it.  The top ball on that cactus is actually a really bright orange.  I hate that PicMonkey auto adjust changes the color that much.  You can see the sand from my alley on top of the soil.

Cactus in White Glass Pedestal Color Dipped Planter

I used Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint on these two:

White Glass Pedestal and Mercury Glass Skull Planters

You may remember the skull from this post

I really like how these turned out and it was all free except for the plants.  Well, I suppose, I originally paid for the dishes and Skull Planter($ Store), and paint, but it didn't cost me anything today to put them together.  In the future, I think I will add colorful aquarium rocks over the top of the soil.

Succulent Planters
White Glass Planters

Color Dipped and White Glass Planters

Mercury Glass Skull Succulent Planter

Mercury Glass Skull and Color Dipped Succulent Planters

Long White Glass Dish Made Into a Planter

Blue Color Dipped White Glass Pedestal Planter

Long White Glass Succulent Planter

By the way, I got my first whiff of Lilac today!  Which was magical, but OMG the mosquitoes are terrible once it starts to get dark.  Seriously, so bad it makes me want to move.  Kinda pisses me off, because the BF is off work and can watch little girl, but the mosquitoes drive me back indoors.  They are ruining my paint/strip time:-( Bastards!

Have you put anything together out of stuff around the house?  Hate mosquitoes?  Love Lilacs and Lily of the Valley?

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