Thursday, October 16, 2014

Am I the Only One

Am I the only one that only pays attention to the  weather forecast, this time of year, to see if it will be nice enough to paint or DIY outside?

Love Candy

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hallway Progress

I've talked about my plans and inspiration for my hallway before, and I finally came up with an idea I loved enough to execute, and do the work.  I toss ideas around until one hits me that I love and am excited about.  When I find it, I know why all the other ideas never felt right.  Why I couldn't make a decision.

The idea hit me while I was trying to brainstorm a design for my daughter's bedroom door.  At first I was only considering traditional squares and rectangles, but they bored me.  If I am going to go through the headache of taping and painting, and painting, then it better be something I loved, and worth the work.  If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen it, but this is right after I pulled the tape off:

Art Deco Black and White Faux Molding Wainscoting

I am totally in LOVE!  I am so glad I did this.  I want to love my whole house as much as I love this hallway.  I feel a surge of pride every time I walk by it.  Which is quite a bit.   I can't wait to pull it all together.  I really loved the graphic, clean, simpleness of the inspiration image, but let's face it, I'm not a simple kind of girl.  So, I started thinking of how I could incorporate an Art Deco style into the design.  Like always, when I'm looking for a jump off point, I search Google and Pinterest, and then tweak it to fit my needs.  I literally have 10 notebook pages filled with drawings of different options for wainscoting and door designs.  At times it was tough to keep the designs looking Art Deco.  If you go too far one way it can look Southwest.  If you go the other way it can look Craftsman.  Very frustrating.  There is a specific area where Art Deco Inspired design exists.  It didn't help that I didn't want any curves or circles in the design, to keep it easier to tape off.

So I started by painting everything white.  Walls and ceiling.  I measured and marked where I wanted the design, and taped.  And taped. And taped.  I started with generic masking tape(because nobody can afford to do a trial run in the expensive stuff) to map out different options until I found one I liked.  Then replaced it with the spendy stuff.

Taped Off Clark + Kensington Designer White in Art Deco Inspired Design

I used a combo of painters tapes, mostly because the blue stuff was cheaper, and I thought that if I burnished(rubbed really hard back and forth with the roll of tape and my fingernails) the edges and painted a coat of the base color, I would be ok as far as bleeding is concerned(I've also heard of people wiping the edges with a damp cloth to activate the Edgelock or using clear polyurethane if it is a wood project).  For the most part, I was successful, but there was some bleeding and peeling up of the base color when I removed the tape.  Nothing that is super noticeable or can't be fixed.  I used a box cutter and a straight edge to make the corners sharp.

I chose to paint the wood trim around the attic access.  It made a huge difference.  It doesn't draw your attention anymore.  This is what it looked like before.

Attic Access Originally

Originally I taped off the wood trim around it, but I wanted it to disappear.  It worked.  Look at it in this pic

Art Deco Design Taped off Down Whole Hallway

Can barely see it, can you?

I thought it would be fun to paint the metal part of the boring light a fun color.  So I painted it purple, but you can't even tell.  Womp womp.  I thought it would be a nice pop of color.  A little punch of fun.  Nope, twas not to be.  I'm considering just painting it Antique Brass, like I originally planned, until I score my dream Sputnik or Art Deco Skyscraper style light.  At least then it will reflect the light a little.  Painted purple it just looks like it's still the ORB it was originally. It's even glossy, but it doesn't matter.

Then I rolled on one coat and it looked like this:

After One Coat of Glidden Onyx Black

After 2 coats, plus touch ups and the tape peeled off:

Black and White Art Deco Wainscoting

I chose to paint the outlet covers.  Can you spot the outlet in this picture?

Painted Outlet to Blend in with Design

That one would have stuck out like a sore thumb, but the light switch plates were painted because the originals are like an ivory/almond color, and just look dirty compared to this white.  You know the color I'm talking about.

I used the wall color instead of spraypaint because I thought the eggshell finish would be easier to clean.  I did spray paint the door bell cover thingy.  No one touches that.  No one can reach.

I'm not going to do a before and after of the whole thing, because it isn't finished, but I will give you a side by side:

Before and After of Art Deco Inspired Hallway Design

See how yucky that Antique White looks compared to that clean fresh white.  I realize this post is already pretty long, but let me explain something to you about whites and me.  I need my whites to be WHITE!  Borderline blindingly white.  I grew up in a household where everyone smoked, but me.  Everything smelled like cigarettes and was covered in a film of yellowish brown.  When we washed the walls you could see it run down in streams.  So, no Antique white, no Creamy white, no white with a warm/yellow undertone.  I like my whites with a cool undertone, and in my head, CLEAN.  Weird how things from your childhood can affect you.  So, ya, now you know that about me.  I'm not condemning anyone if they smoke.  I just never started, and don't care for how they smell.

My daughter's door is still plain.  Even though that's how this all started.  Um...I have to save some projects for when I'm stuck in the house all winter.  Even I don't believe that excuse.  Hopefully I'll think of a design that'll get me really excited and I'll WANT to get it done(like this one and the plans for the Kitchen..Can't Frickin Wait!).  Something needs to be done about the hollow core bi-fold doors on her closet, too.

I'm trying to decide if I should tape off a design on the hallway doors when I paint them black.  I can't decide if that will be too busy with the wainscoting.  Should they just be solid black?  If I added a pattern to those doors would I have to do it to all of the interior doors?  Would solid black on the hallway doors allow the wainscoting to be the star?  Would the two patterns compete or compliment if I did do a pattern on the doors?  I would need to go with a simpler design on the doors if I decide to go that route.  Decisions, Decisions....You'll be the first to know when I decide, and PLEASE feel free to weigh in.  Opinions of a neutral party would really bring perspective.  Boyfriend says he likes the doors just the way they are, but that's not happening.  He just doesn't want to have to walk/trip around paint cans, and all the clutter, and trying to keep a toddler out of the way, that goes with a project.  Can't blame him, really.  That's why I like to do projects while he is at work(and toddler is sleeping).  Then he can't give me weird looks while I'm working, because he is seeing the process and not just the finished product.  Some people have no vision. Sigh.

Whew, that was a long one.  Maybe making up for lost time? Thanks for reading til the end!

Love Candy

P.S. The colors I ended up using were Clark + Kensington Designer White and Glidden Onyx Black.  Both are ready mixed grab n go gallons.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Just Have to Tell Someone

If you've read my About Me page, then you know I love anything to do with The Walking Dead(TV series, comic books, action figures, clothing...).

*:*:*:*:*If you could care less about this you may want to skip this post and come back tomorrow for a more Design/DIY themed post.  I won't hold it against you.  I'm sure you like things that I don't*:*:*:*:*

The Walking Dead has scratch off Lottery tickets!!!!

The Walking Dead Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

I lost :-( I've only won $2 on them.  That doesn't mean you won't be luckier.  Let me know if you play and win, k? k

Plus, if you buy $10 worth they give you a "free" T-shirt!!

The Walking Dead  T Shirt

SO COOL! Right?  I think it's of Herschel's barn burning down, from Season 2. Which never happens in the comic. BTW.  I mean, how cool is that?  I love free shirts.   I mean who doesn't love a FREE shirt?  Nobody, that's who.  On a side note: Did anyone go to the Minnesota State Fair and get the free shirt at the Ford station or at the Minnesota State Lottery booth?

If that doesn't get you excited, then maybe the fact that they started to air all past episodes on Fox, starting October 1st, weekly, every. Wednesday. night.

Plus, plus the new season starts on AMC on October 12th, AND AMC is starting the whole series, tonight at 6pm, playing every episode all the way up to the Season 5 Premiere this Sunday night.  Can't wait to see how they get outta this one.  Do you think they are cannibals, like in the comic books, or something weirder?

Love Candy

P.S.  Does anyone watch Ray Donovan?  Holy season finale, right?  He really took care of business.  So glad it's picked up for a 3rd season.  I was never really a Liev Schreiber fan, but holy moly, he is SEXY in that show.  YUMMY