Thursday, April 30, 2015

ORC Week 5

I made it.  Week 5.  This post would probably be longer if I told you all the things I didn't get done. HA!

If this is your first visit, you should catch up Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

I spilled more paint.  Oh and completely forgot that I have to wait, not 6 or 12 hours between coats, but 24 hours.  You heard that right..24 hours, so that put a damper on things.  I've never been able to just do one coat of paint, on anything, with any kind of paint, and if you tell me you've ever coated completely, in one coat, I'll tell you to show me.  Not that I don't believe you..well..ya...I wouldn't believe you.

Weather has been great here!  Awesome for painting.  My elbow is killing me from painting and drawing.  And taping, can't forget taping...Ugh.  The taping. 

If you follow me on Instagram(or peruse #oneroomchallenge) then you saw that I did finish this:

Gold Geometric Sharpie Wall with Greek Key Ceiling Design

But when I pulled the tape off to reveal the ceiling design, this happened:

Greek Key Ceiling Design in Coral Shades

I'm currently working on this:

Art Deco Door Design Taped Off

Where will I paint? Where will I leave white? What color will I use? I know it probably looks like an optical illusion or a big waste of tape, but there is method in my madness.  You'll have to come back next week and see..and I promise a whole slew of Before and After shots!  Like, I'm going to study the before's and make sure I stand in the same place for the afters.  I'm so excited to see the transformation in side by side fashion.  Woo Hoo!

It is crunch time, people.  Do or Die time.  Time to pull all nighters and start getting realistic and  taking stuff off the list that there just won't be time for.  I'd say this is the calm before the storm, but we are in it people.  

What's left:
Paint walls and ceiling Designer White
Prime and Paint Vanity Midnight Oil
Install Hardware on Vanity
Light Install
Frame Vanity Mirror
Black Toilet Seat
Ceiling Design in Accent Color
Paint Doors with Design(in progress)
Shower Curtain and Rod(Still not hung! HA!)
Rug(I need to do something here, spilled paint on existing, need a miracle)
Faux Transom Window in Shower
Gold Geometric Sharpie Wallpaper Pattern on Wall
Paint, Purge, and Organize Closet and Vanity
Finish and Hang Towel Hooks

Plus, there are touch ups, and I need to scrub off all the chalk and pencil marks that didn't get painted over.  And Styling and taking pictures, can't forget that part.

It looks pretty bad in there right now, but they always say it is Darkest Before the Dawn, that it'll get worse before it gets better. Sure is going to make the Afters gratifying, and not to toot my own horn, but SPECTACULAR!

Ok, so I need to get back to it.  I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, just yet.  However, I'm so excited to walk in that room, everyday, and LOVE it!!

It's going to be a crazy week.  Thanks for stopping in to see how it's going!  Don't forget to check out the other Linkers and the Main 20 the Pros.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

ORC Week 4

Hello!  If you are new here, the One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda at Calling It Home.  She chooses 20 Design bloggers to decorate a room in 6 short weeks.  They post updates on Wednesdays, and anyone with a blog can play along, and link up on Thursdays.  You can see my previous weeks here:  Week 1Week 2Week 3

I had a mini panic attack this morning when I woke up, thinking it was week 5, and I only had one week left.  Thank goodness it's only week 4!!

I've made a lot of progress, but nothing is really finished.  It's kind of discouraging.  But last week I promised some teasers so I have to show you something.

Linen closet is slow going.  I've decided I want it to have a 'Black-and-White-Scandanavian-Graphic" style to it.  Emptying it all at once isn't an option because I have no where to put everything that an animal wouldn't sleep on it or a toddler wouldn't get into everything, so I've been taking it one shelf at a time, and used the inside of the door to try out the design I'm planning on using on the visible side:

Mint Art Deco Door

I'm almost done painting the ceiling:

Twilight Afterglow Ceiling Detail Next to

What do  you think these are for?

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Painted Arrows

This is a piece of what I'll be using to build the vanity mirror frame:

Outside Corner Molding Painted Brass

I know it isn't terribly interesting, but it's all coming along.  Plus, I promised.

I need to decide on the finishing touches or I'm going to run out of time.  Hey, you guys all have amazing taste, maybe you can help.

I have the doors and trim primed and painted white.  Should I paint design the same Midnight Oil as the vanity, as I originally planned, or black, like the hallway doors and my inspiration pic from last week?

Should the Gold Geometric Sharpie "Wallpaper" Design wrap around to include the closet nook wall or just be on the wall with the entry door in it?

What should I use for art? Square or round frames to balance all the sharp edges?  Gallery/plate wall?  Leave simple and minimal?  I have some beautiful, vintage kimono fabric I was planning on framing.  Too chinoiserie? I also have shelves I could hang.  I'm trying to stay away from the ocean/sea/nautical decor and I don't think a "Wash, Brush, Flush" sign is going to fit with my vision,

I have to decide on accessories for the top of the vanity, too.

I can't decide how high to hang the shower curtain rod.  There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule.  Just base it on the length of your curtain, plus how high you want it up off the floor and add the space between the rod and the top of the curtains that the hooks take up.  If I hang it too high it'll cover the bottom of the frame of my "window".  So, I'm still debating on that little detail.  I'd like to hang it at 75", because at that height it is off the floor about 2.5", and it is a multiple of 5 and my OCD side likes that.  Anyone else like that?  No, just me? ok.  I have to have the volume on everything as a multiple of 5, too.

What is done and what is left to do: 
  • Walls and Ceiling Designer White(2 coats)
  • Prime(tinted primer 2 coats) and Paint Vanity Midnight Oil(3 coats)
    • Add Shoe Molding(Painted, just need to cut and install)
    • Fill in Missing Base Molding
  • Install Hardware on Vanity
  • Light Install
  • Frame Vanity Mirror
  • Black Toilet Seat
  • Art(Round or square frames? Lots or minimal? Details...)
  • Ceiling Design in Accent Color
  • Paint Doors with Design or just white(Definitely with design)
  • Hang Shower Curtain and Rod(Can't decide on height)
  • Find/Order Rug(Not happening, unless there is a miracle)
  • Faux Transom Window in Shower(Build Frame, Hang Floor Mirror)
  • Gold Geometric Sharpie Wallpaper Pattern on Wall

Once I get all the big projects done I'll be able to see what will look good.  You know how sometimes you can look at a space and think, "Wow, that wall could really use a big mirror."? or something like that?  It'll have to be stuff I already own, though, so I'll be shopping my house.

I don't know that I'll get a lot done this weekend.  Peanut is sick.  I thought it was just allergies, because she keeps sneezing, but she spiked a fever.  Poor Baby.  Relatives are coming up from the cities, too, so I've been getting the house ready for that and will be hanging with them this weekend, but I'll sneak in some painting.

Oh, hey and don't forget to check out the main 20 and their progress!  Things are really coming together, and I have a few favorites that I can't wait to see finished.  Plus the other 150-some bloggers linking up, along with me.  Good stuff.  Something for everybody, no matter what your style is or what you like, there will be something for you.  Promise. 2 weeks left, and I have the whole two weeks, because I don't have to have things styled and ready early for a fancy photographer.  Don't get me wrong, I wish I had a photographer family member or friend to help me out.  Ha, knowing me, I'll be taking pics with my cell on the day of the link up.

Until next week...

Love Candy


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

ORC Week 3-Halfway

If you're new here you can catch up:  Week 1 / Week 2 

Ok, let's start with the good news.

I got the frame built, painted and hung for my faux-transom-really-a-mirror-window!!  I even added brass L-brackets and straight mending brackets to jazz it up, add some flash and tie it back to the vanity...just in case them being the exact same color doesn't already do that.

However, hanging the mirror was more complicated than I thought it would be.  The clips are too low on the bottom and too high on top, so I had to cut up cardboard for spacers to level out the bottom and the top clips are swiveled at an angle so only part of them is holding the mirror in.  I will do a permanent fix.  Wouldn't want that falling on Peanut while she is in the tub.

Oh, and I dumped the quart of Valspar Twilight Afterglow in my bathtub while I was painting the  back wall. so I could hang the mirror, so I'm not sure I'll have enough paint to finish, and it was expensive paint, but I have mint on hand, for FREE.  Maybe it was the universes way of telling me the coral color wasn't right?  I'll figure it out.

Now hanging the light was a whole 'nother frustration.  I was silly to think it would be easy.  None of the other lights in this house have had the correct hardware to allow me to upgrade the fixture, but I at least thought there would be a box behind the existing light.  Nope.  Just a hole with a wire hanging out.  Seriously? So, I had to reinstall the existing fixture and head to the hardware store the next day.  Add to that I got the wrong box the first time, and needed a hole or drywall saw to make the hole big enough for the new box.  Luckily I have an entire box full of spare light parts so the box was all I needed.

Oh, and I thought I wold be fancy and add the straight mending brackets to the faux drawer on the vanity, but they are so very crooked.  Not sure how I'll fix that...putty the holes and start over?  I jumped the gun and tried installing the pulls before the template tool came and now those are crooked, too.  Ugh...just don't look too close at the reveal pictures, please.

I made some progress on organizing the linen closet, but no painting yet.  I'm not looking forward to emptying it out to paint it, and have all that stuff laying about with a 2 year old running around.

I primed the doors and trim and I LOVE how the white opens up that end of the room!  It makes it feel so open!  No way am I going to paint them Midnight Oil.  I'm leaning towards a thin trim detail design, like this amazing picture from Mimosa Lane

White Paneling with Black Trim Detail

Next week is week 4!  I can't believe it's half over.  I don't feel anywhere near halfway done.  I need to figure out wall decor, and no matter how fast I paint, I still have to wait for it to dry before I can add a second coat or tape off a design.  I have the hardware for a fixed shower curtain rod, but still have to figure out placement, and find a time to drill when Peanut is occupied or isn't sleeping, since her room shares a wall with the bathroom  

In the interest of honesty, I'm pretty upset with myself for picking last weekend to start the Game of Thrones series.  I couldn't stop watching, and I know that time could have been used to work on the bathroom. But I will give you two reasons why you should watch it:

Jon Snow and Robb Stark Game of Thrones Season 2

Jon Snow and Robb Stark!  Seriously...YUM!  Look at those lips!  Plus, there is Khal Drogo or Jaime Lannister,  The women are beautiful and wear amazing costumes and hairstyles.  There is something for every taste.  Oh, and the storyline is pretty unpredictable, just don't know what these people are capable of.

Sorry for the wordy and mostly picture free post, next week will be full of teasers, I promise.  Thanks for popping in to see how I'm doing!

Head on over to Calling It Home and see if anyone else is having as many problems as me.

Love Candy

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge Week 2

Have you checked out the other linking participants?  There are over 150 brave souls!!  Lots of inspiration in one place!  Some of them really make me feel like I' m not doing enough.  There are a few total gut jobs! 

If this is your first visit here you can catch up here.

Here is where I'm at:

The vanity is primed, painted and hardware is on:

Vanity Painted Clark + Kensington Midnight Oil with Brass Hardware

Toilet seat is on and shower curtain is up...still need a fixed rod, tension rod=no bueno:

Mayfair Black Toilet Seat with EZ Clean

Light is installed:

Vintage Chrome 6 Arm Sconce hung Horizontally

Walls are painted(2 coats), and I've started adding the accent color to the ceiling, and I think I have the measurements figured out for the design on the ceiling and the Sharpie Wallpaper wall, but I can't decide if it should just be the one wall with the entry door on it or if it should wrap around and be on the closet wall, too.

Doors and trim are in the early stages of prep for priming and I think I'm settled on just doing a painted design:

Mid Century Modern Exterior Styles

Hollywood Regency Black and White
Elegantly Untamed

Part of me feels like the doors and trim should be white, to really open up the space.  Part of me likes the idea of the doors and trim being the same color as the vanity with white "inset" panels.  I'll figure it out.

What is done and what is left to do:
  • Walls and Ceiling Designer White(2 coats)
  • Prime(tinted primer 2 coats) and Paint Vanity Midnight Oil(3 coats)
    • Add Shoe Molding
    • Fill in Missing Base Molding
  • Install Hardware on Vanity
  • Light Install
  • Frame Vanity Mirror
  • Black Toilet Seat
  • Art
  • Ceiling Design in Accent Color
  • Paint Doors with Design or just white
  • Hang Shower Curtain and Rod
  • Find/Order Rug
  • Faux Transom Window in Shower(Build Frame, Hang Floor Mirror)
  • Gold Geometric Sharpie Wallpaper Pattern on Wall

I'll tell you all about the bullshit I had to deal with to get it done next week.  I promise you I never took one step forward without at least 6 steps back.  Super fun!  There was more than one time I had to walk away and I may or may not have screamed at a blank wall...or a hole in that wall.  Just sayin'.  Plus, I'll never be a carpenter...long story.

Until then, check out the other participants rooms. Ah-may-zing stuff, I tell ya, Amazing.  You must see what the main 20 designers are doing, too.

Oh, and I've decided to add the linen closet to the is in the bathroom, after all.  Since not one room in my house is complete, I figure I should get it done...oh, and the drawers and inside of the vanity are going to get an overhaul, as well.  We'll see if I've bitten off more than I can chew soon enough.  It can only get better:

Linen Closet in need of Makeover


Thanks for stopping by!!  Any opinion on door color?  Constructive criticism welcome!

Love Candy

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge Week 1~Bathroom Facelift

This is my first One Room Challenge.  Not gonna lie, I'm nervous.

If you aren't familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is a bi-annual 6 week event  where 20 PRO Design Bloggers overhaul the room of their choice in 6 weeks.   Some do a clients room, and some do a room of their own.  Unless you're Naomi from Design Manifest and then you do one for a client, and one of your own...and the client room was a KITCHEN!!  I digress, Linda is gracious enough to give us non pros the opportunity to play along by hosting a link event that anyone with a blog can join.  If you have some time to kill, you should really check out past ORC events!

I am taking on the challenge because my bathroom looks like this:

Builder Basic Bathroom Before Celestial Shower Curtain

Celestial Shower Curtain, Van Gogh Starry NIght Print

Builder Basic Cultured Integrated Sink and Vanity

I've done nothing to it since I moved in except hang celestial decor items from my high school bedroom.  Seriously, I'll show you:

High School Bedroom Celestial

Yes, I used a shower curtain for drapery. 2, actually.

I will be doing this room as inexpensively as possible so I will not be changing any of the permanent fixtures(Countertop/sink, flooring, shower surround, plumbing fixtures).  I will be doing all of the work myself...  with lots of DIYs because that is kind of the whole purpose behind my blog.  Turning my existing builder grade fixtures into fabulousness with little or no money and tons of creativity.

I am super inspired by Reichel @ Copy Cat Chic's One Room Challenge  Bathroom Reveal:

Copy Cat Chic ORC Reveal
Copy Cat Chic

and this Navy and Coral Eclectic Nursery on Decorpad by House of Honey:

House of Honey Navy and Coral Nursery
House of Honey

So here is the plan:
Basic Bathroom ORC Plan Polyvore Set

I plan to do a Sharpie Wallpaper Geometric Pattern on one of the short walls in gold.  Kind of like what I did for my Command Center Walls, but different:

Sharpie Wallpaper Tumbling Block Design

That's what I'm thinking this week, anyway, I know it'll change.  It's changed even as I write this post.  It's ever evolving.

I have 6 weeks to complete everything I have planned.  Which is really only, like, 5 because week 6 is the reveal.  I better start as soon as I hit Publish.  Lots of projects to start and still some things to figure out.

Tune in next Thursday for Week 2 and some more plan details. Hopefully, I'll have some progress to show you!

Love Candy

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