Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge Week 2

Have you checked out the other linking participants?  There are over 150 brave souls!!  Lots of inspiration in one place!  Some of them really make me feel like I' m not doing enough.  There are a few total gut jobs! 

If this is your first visit here you can catch up here.

Here is where I'm at:

The vanity is primed, painted and hardware is on:

Vanity Painted Clark + Kensington Midnight Oil with Brass Hardware

Toilet seat is on and shower curtain is up...still need a fixed rod, tension rod=no bueno:

Mayfair Black Toilet Seat with EZ Clean

Light is installed:

Vintage Chrome 6 Arm Sconce hung Horizontally

Walls are painted(2 coats), and I've started adding the accent color to the ceiling, and I think I have the measurements figured out for the design on the ceiling and the Sharpie Wallpaper wall, but I can't decide if it should just be the one wall with the entry door on it or if it should wrap around and be on the closet wall, too.

Doors and trim are in the early stages of prep for priming and I think I'm settled on just doing a painted design:

Mid Century Modern Exterior Styles

Hollywood Regency Black and White
Elegantly Untamed

Part of me feels like the doors and trim should be white, to really open up the space.  Part of me likes the idea of the doors and trim being the same color as the vanity with white "inset" panels.  I'll figure it out.

What is done and what is left to do:
  • Walls and Ceiling Designer White(2 coats)
  • Prime(tinted primer 2 coats) and Paint Vanity Midnight Oil(3 coats)
    • Add Shoe Molding
    • Fill in Missing Base Molding
  • Install Hardware on Vanity
  • Light Install
  • Frame Vanity Mirror
  • Black Toilet Seat
  • Art
  • Ceiling Design in Accent Color
  • Paint Doors with Design or just white
  • Hang Shower Curtain and Rod
  • Find/Order Rug
  • Faux Transom Window in Shower(Build Frame, Hang Floor Mirror)
  • Gold Geometric Sharpie Wallpaper Pattern on Wall

I'll tell you all about the bullshit I had to deal with to get it done next week.  I promise you I never took one step forward without at least 6 steps back.  Super fun!  There was more than one time I had to walk away and I may or may not have screamed at a blank wall...or a hole in that wall.  Just sayin'.  Plus, I'll never be a carpenter...long story.

Until then, check out the other participants rooms. Ah-may-zing stuff, I tell ya, Amazing.  You must see what the main 20 designers are doing, too.

Oh, and I've decided to add the linen closet to the is in the bathroom, after all.  Since not one room in my house is complete, I figure I should get it done...oh, and the drawers and inside of the vanity are going to get an overhaul, as well.  We'll see if I've bitten off more than I can chew soon enough.  It can only get better:

Linen Closet in need of Makeover


Thanks for stopping by!!  Any opinion on door color?  Constructive criticism welcome!

Love Candy

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