I am including this on a DIY/Decorating blog because it is a huge part of my life and maybe someone out there will be able to relate.

Madison was born on September 13th, 2012.  She was born premature at 24 weeks because I developed an incompetent cervix.  I had to have an emergency C-Section because she was breach.  She weighed 1 lb 3.8 ozs and was 12 1/2" long.  She spent 3 months in the NICU and came home on Christmas day.

Due to her level of prematurity she developed Chronic Lung Disease and will remain on oxygen until a heart surgery is performed once she turns 2.  Other than being on oxygen she is fine and developing normally.

**I just reread this and realized it sounds like a robot wrote it.  I'm working on an update that actually sounds like I have emotions;-)  I do...I'm not a robot, I swear.

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